Product overview:

Street light timer is a micro controller based smart product to switch on/off load depending upon the geographical location of the device. Astronomical Timer mode keeps track of each day’s sunrise/sunset time and takes the smart control of light depending upon sunrise and sunset times and saves power.

Short description:

Sensor less timer with high low protection. Prime function is to operate on & off Electrical light in common areas AUTOMATICALLY. Depending upon your local sunrise and sunset timings variations throughout the year. Astronomical timer mode keeps track of each day, sunset and sunrise time and takes the smart control of light depending up on sunset and sunrise times and save power. Year’s battery backup, memory backup against power failures.

What is astronomical timer?

It’s A Device that ensures most accurate and automatic on- off operation of Street Lights. Even though there are seasonal variations in sunrise _sunset timings


  • Astronomical timer (Astro-mode)
  • Works on real- time _clock + GPS Coordinates.
  • Factory set Current Date, Time, MT offset, GPS Coordinates.
  • Manual Bypass, Manual offset in Automatically Calculated Astronomical ON TIME&OFF TIME
  • Night out Mode to power OFF the loads at night for given duration to save power
  • User friendly & intuitive user interface design.
  • Optional features like Hi-low Voltage Trip Levels- Hysteresis voltage- Startup & recovery Delay.
  • Bi-color panel LED to indicate load on or off.
  • Saves Power By Punctually Maintaining On-Off Timings Of The Load.
  • Street light controlling system (LED)
    • Astronomical Time Switch
    • Nature Switch
    • Timer switch


  • Street lights
  • Parking
  • Staircase
  • Corridors
  • Hoardings
  • Lights of society/School/College/Factory /township Campus