Sky. Innovative Technologies Hyderabad focused on Manufacturing, Sales and Service of power products a company is on a Rapid Fire Growth Strategy. RES offers the following four domain expertise in Field Work, Fitting Testing Maintenance, System Integration & Networking, Manpower& Consultancy.

With 2 offices, 10 District locations, we provide a wide spectrum of services to a clientele of premier organizations in the government and private sectors.

Sky. Innovative Technologies is aiming to be the best in the industry by giving them the best service and work force. Not just here in Hyderabad but also throughout India. We are willing to be committed and to do our very best for our clients.

Sky. Innovative Technologies is a Successful Company and will continue to rise in industry and is “READY TO BE YOUR BRIDGE TO SUCESS!” in a very short time. Our goal is to have 500+ Technical employees. Our Long term goal is staying with the company who believed in us forever.