SKY INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES Mission is to become the leading industry of high end printed electronic gadgets worldwide. Through a combination of evolving technologies, miniaturization, affordability for the end-user, programming capabilities and ease of use, SKY INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES will be known as the premier developer/supplier of potentially best devices for all kind of high end applications for many operating systems.

SKY INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES believes, though there is very advanced technology available, it is not properly used to address the problems of a normal person. For the development of the Society it is really important to address the problems and find out a solution with the technology available, so SKY INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES started another division called “RYTHU MITHRA” which means development and the main motto of SKY INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES RYTHU MITHRA division is to address a common man’s and most importantly farmer’s problems with the help of technology and to build user end, user friendly, innovative products. Unlike other companies in the market at SKY INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES, we engineer the product for the farmer.


RYTHU MITHRA is a GSM Mobile Motor Controller, which helps farmer to switch his motor from anywhere and to understand the current situation at the field without his physical presence around the clock along with dry run protection which detects if the water is coming to the farm from the motor. It also detects the three phase power supply and powers up accordingly. Device consists of multi user registration facility and also has backup option of controlling a motor through an SMS using unique code given to individual user from any mobile phone.

RYTHU MITHRA 2.4 consists of following features:

  • Miss call or SMS to operate
  • Works only three phase power supply.
  • Water flow Sensor to turn off the motor during dry run mode.
  • Multi user registration facility.
  • This works for motors from 0.5 HP to 100 HP
  • Easy to install.
  • Operate with any SIM in your region.
  • Unique code facility in absence of registered mobile.
  • External Antenna for better signal.
  • Works with any model of Motor Starter.
  • SMS alert for motor on and missed call option.
  • SMS alert for motor off during dry run time.
  • Led indication for motor status.
  • Shock proof, Water Resistant and Magnetic field resistant Poly Carbonate Body.


  • Saves your Time, Effort and Labor.
  • Saves Your Resources like Petrol.
  • Saves Electricity Consumption.
  • Reduces Water Wastage.
  • Safeguard of your motor pump from 1. Voltage Fluctuations, 2. Wire Cut issues, 3. Dry Run.
  • Rythumithra (Automatic Mobile Controller for Motor) is a unique product for remote control and monitoring of any electrical load. It offers remote control from mobile phone or any internet enabled PC.

Unique Features:

  • IP65 rated
  • High/Low Voltage protection (Auto trip/reset)
  • Control options available according to Sunset-Sunrise, Time based(up to 3 ON/OFF cycles),Combination of both
  • SMS based control from mobile
  • Alert SMS for abnormalities at field.
  • Dedicated website for control and monitoring from internet.
  • Centralized control of street lighting or any other electrical load